Beauty Enhancement & Wellness

Permanent Lip Color & Lip Liner

A beautiful, enhancing service for those who desire a fuller lip look, or for a brighter smile! Permanent Lip Liner can be customized to your favorite color, and give you the perfect lip shape. Permanent Full Lip Coloring can be also customized to your most complimenting, or favorite shade, as well as give you the boost for a fuller look.​


Collagen Induction 

The purpose of collagen induction is to stimulate the skin and cause you body to produce more of your own natural collagen and elastin in the skin.  The skin begins to firm and plump up, and pull back up on itself and pore size shrinks down.  This is great for anti aging and acne scarring.  We love this treatment and most of us here at the spa do it once a month for optimal skin health


Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions make a possibility a reality. Experience your lashes in a whole new light from the moment you wake up each morning. Fuller, thicker, and longer; this service can be customized to your specific eye shape and desired look, safely and efficiently. Follow up services are required to maintain look.


Permanent Eyeliner

A classic look with a luxurious finish! This service incorporates depth and precision for a clean, liner look. Available on the lower and upper lid, this service is customized to your eye shape and your favorite color.​


Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent Eyebrows are a great alternative to the daily brow makeup routine. This service suits all brow types, shapes, and colors. Customize to your fit your Brow personality!


Other Services

Skin Care:

We offer several types of facials. Everything from a basic Express Facial to Anti-Aging, Illuminating and even Facials to help clear up acne prone skin.  Here at skin deep we use Image skin care peels and Glo Theraputics peels as well as offering micro-dermabration.  Not sure what to get?  Our very experienced skin care specialist will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the right facial and peels to give you the best skin possible.


Thermal Skin Tightening 

Thermal skin tightening uses radio frequency to reach deeper depths in the skin.  The gentle heating of the skin causes the body to produce collagen.  The skin becomes firm and tightens up.  This can be done on the face, neck, decolette, arms and inner legs.  For best results a series of 4 treatments is recommended.

Permanent Makeup

​​Botox and Fillers:

Massage therapy

Relieve your body of stress through different massage therapies and wellness services. A variety of therapies to fit your specific care, and wellness services such as Deep Tissue Massage or Hot Stone Massage.