How much training do you have?  It is recommended that anyone who does microblading is trained for Permanent           Make Up first and for at least 100 hours.  

Are you licensed ?  In the state of Wisconsin the place where you work must be inspected for tattooing and each            person who performs services needs to be licensed for tattooing. 

What should you look for when visiting a tech?  The state laws clearly state that the treatment room have NO soft         surfaces.  This includes carpeting, curtains, sheets and blankets.  The walls must be light and easy to clean             and the room must be bright and well lit.  Food and drink are prohibited from the work room.  

Are you certified?  Certification means very little as we see some classes as being only 2 days long.  Your tech                needs to be properly trained and licensed.  Remember to ask if they were trained in permanent make up and          how long that training was before the were trained in microblading.

How many services do you perform in a week?  This is actually more important then asking someone how long                they have been working as we often see someone who does hair or nails offering microblading and it turns              out they only do one or two procedures a week.  Here at Skin Deep in a slower week we see between 20 and          30 clients a week and in a busier week we will see 50+ clients.

Do they work with any doctors?  This can be helpful as most doctors will not refer their patients to just anyone.

Are they insured to do Permanent Make Up/ Microblading?  The reason this is such a good question is that most              insurances companies will not offer insurance to someone with questionable training or incomplete training. 

Do they belong to any associations?  There are several associations techs can join, the AMA, the SPCP and                  Tattoo & Permanent Make Up.  Belonging to an association can be a great resource for techs and offer                     continued education and yearly conventions.  

Do you really use a blade?  No we use a special tool that holds very fine needles in a row with a slight curve so                while it may look a little like a blade it is not. This is an example of a professional, appropriate, advanced                "Micro-Blade" tool. Looking at the tool being used can help you know if it is high quality, and safe. Our tools               are the highest quality and grade tools you can use.

Do they microblade any other areas besides the brows?  Okay I will admit this is some what of a trick question.  As         we really should only be microblading the brows.  There are much much better ways of do an eyeliner and lips         and much better tools or equipment that will give us better results.

How Much does it cost? Typically the more experience a tech has the more its going to cost however these are               generally the techs that are staying current with education, using better anesthetics, better equipment, and               better pigments.

Do they offer consultations?  This gives you time to ask all your questions but it also gives the tech a chance to ask          you a lot of question.  You want your tech to have as much information as possible for the best out come.

Does it hurt?  This can vary from person to person and from tech to tech.  If you are using anything that thins the             blood it may bite a little more.  And again the more experience a tech has the better their technique and so it           can be more comfortable.  Our clients generally describe having their brows done as a rubbing sensation, the         eyeliner and eye shadow and a tickle and the lips have a slight sting to them.  But all are quite comfortable. 

Ask to see their portfolio.  What you want to look for are pictures of their actual clients.  You want to see real                   examples of their work.  Be sure they aren't showing you pictures they down loaded off the internet and                   showing you examples of someone else work.

Do you follow the latest trends?  Again this is bit of a trick question, however the truth is that your tech                              shouldn't be following trends but rather using color and shapes that always compliment your skin tone                      and your features. Trends come and go, we want your make up to always look good!

Are they trying to talk you into having a procedure?  We hear all the time from our clients that permanent make up         and or their microblading is the best thing they have ever had done.  However you should never feel rushed or         talked into anything.  We would rather you be sure you are ready for your service. 

We hope this answers questions you may have about permanent make up and microblading, however we welcome you to call with any questions we didn't cover here and of course we hope to see you soon!

We now offer training for permanent make up and micro-blading  call us for our class schedule or for more information 


This is an example of a high quality microblading tool 


Questions to ask your technician

Cheap eyebrows aren't good and good eyebrows aren't cheap.

We have been performing permanent make up for the past 24 years and micro-blading for the past 7 years.  We are inspected yearly and licensed through the state of Wisconsin and fully insured.  Cindi Wentlandt actually sits on the advisory board that helps to write the state laws.  We have worked with plastic surgeons for the past 16 years and continue to be doctored referred.  We do offer training in a one on one basis.  We offer services for brows (powder and microblading) eyeliner, eye shadow, lip liner, full lip color, nipple/ areola, clef pallets, and scars.  We actually recommend a combined technique for the brows as it will give you a natural, 3D hair stroke look and also lasts much longer then microblading alone.