We pride ourselves in offering the very best in the services we provide.  We believe Cindi fits this ideal with her superior outcomes.  Her creative eye and need for perfection makes her and integral part of out team at Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Associates.

                                                                                                                Dr. John Yousif and staff at ARSA

I had my very experience with sunless tanning by hand about a 2 years ago by Sam, and it is so much nicer than a spray tan from a booth! Sam does a great job at complimenting your natural body's tone and features to give you the best tan solution! I love the way the product smells as well! Thanks Sam! Great to see her in her beautiful new place and can't wait to try other services at Skin Deep!

                            Angie S.

Amanda did my makeup for the first time 3 years ago, and I have been a loyal client ever since! Whenever I have a special event or a wedding to go to, I always know I can count on her for great results. I am a natural makeup wearer-girl, and she does a great job at giving me a beautiful natural, yet beautiful makeup look!

Rebecca J.

I saw Cindi at Derma Cosmetics to have permanent eyebrows applied.  My eyebrows were very thin and gray.  I was not certain of the shape or color they should be.  Cindi suggested the best color to make my eyebrows and also shaped them perfectly to fit my face.  She truely has an eye for what looks natural.  My eyebrows have actual hair strokes and do not look at all like eyebrows that have been tattooed as a solid eyebrow.  I love the work she did and would very much recommend her work to others.

                                                                                    Cindy Y. Oak Creek

I always had a difficult time having my eyeliner stay in place throughout the day.  Cindi was not only able to identify the best color for me for permanent make up eyeliner, but the treatment itself was so easy, painless, and I had hardly any swelling after the treatment.  Cindi is an expert with color and its longevity.  She is also able to predict the natural fading and color change with age.  I have referred a variety of patients to her and everyone has said how spectacular Cindi is with patient care and expert technical skills! 

                                                                                       Kim Spitz. RN,MSN,FNP-BC,CPSN

The best thing I like about my eyebrows is that they are always even an I know how much to pluck.  Having them tattooed gives me a foundation.  I can wear them thin or a little thicker and the shape is always perfect.  I don't have any regrets about getting them done, in fact I'm having her do my eyeliner!

                                                                                               Thanks Cindi , Much Love  Dinah N.

I was so impressed with the eyeliner procedure done by Cindi.  She was professional, used excellent aseptic techniques and explained exactly what to expect while doing my upper and lower eyelids.  The procedure was completed in less then 40 min. and was totally pain free!  I recommend Cindi to anyone interested in exploring and having permanent make up applied.  I love the results!                          

                                                                                                                        Jane P.

I love my eyeliner and eyebrow permanent make up.  My eyes and brows look better then when I used to try to do them myself with makeup.  The added benefit is that it never smudges off, which used to be a big problem for me.  My husband absolutely loves the results as well.  The few people that I have told can not believe that it's permanent make up.  Cindi is truly an artist.  I would not consider going to anyone else!

                                                                                                          Jennifer P. 

Earlier this year, I was having a facial and the esthetician commented on my beautiful brows.  She said that so often she sees the bad results.  She said that your work is outstanding.  I agree!  Thank you!


A few years ago i had someone do my lips.  It was very painful and the color really looked purple rather then red.  Cindi not only corrected the color from purple to a rosy red but made my lips look fuller.  On top of that it didn't hurt at all! I was so happy with the work she did on my lips, I had her do my brows an my eyeliner too.  I love her!  Thank you Cindi!

                                                                                                         Mary P. RN. CPSN

I have a very large scar in my scalp that was very noticeable.  I have tried for most of my life to hide it.  Cindi was able to color in the scar in several different colors to match my hair and I no longer have to worry that my scar shows,  I am so grateful to Cindi. She has given me a freedom that most people wouldn't understand.           

                                                                                                                                           Beth T.

I went in to get eyeliner and came out having a new friend.  She was kind, understanding and really worked hard to give me the exact shape and color that I wanted.  By the way I not only had my eyeliner done, but my brows and lips as well.  Thanks Cindi

                                                                                                                              Michelle G. 

Many years ago I had  permanent make up on my eyes and lips.  The process was very time consuming and painful.  Results did not last.  Cindi was recommended to me by a nurse who works for one of the more prominent plastic surgeons in the Milwaukee area- and what can I say,  her artistic talent and professionalism instantly set me at ease,  not to mention the fact that I virtually had  no discomfort.  Most importantly was the fact that she listened to what I wanted and recommended options that worked for me.  

As a 60+ woman. looking great without having to put my eyeliner on daily is terrific.  Please note that as I healing and some areas needed a touch, Cindi was more then happy to perfect her work.  I have recommended her to many people with confidence that they will be as pleased as I am.  I have been so satisfied with the results of my eyebrows and eyeliner and am going to have my lips done too!  What are you waiting for?  Cindi "IS THE BEST"!

                                                                                                                   Luanne Kuglitch 

If you are reading the review, then you are thinking about cosmetic tattooing; either in getting the procedure done or in learning the craft.  I am here to assure you that Cindi Wentlandt is the professional you're lookign for.  In 2011 I was searching for a new career, with an artist background I decided to look into tattooing. I was recommended to her through a client of hers. I found  that she was very truthful i her presentation outlining all the aspects of the training and follow through to complete procedures.  I found her back grought andknowledge overwhelming and the training was as complete as she described.  

We covered it all from the forms needed. to license. the supplies, and most importantly the skill.  After over 15 years int the trade the explanation and example of the craft were amazing,  Cindi always instructed with step by step information.  the course material was designed by her experience and research and training she continues to update. 

Since my original training she has continued to offer additional training.  Recently I did also took a class with her to lear micro-blading which is a newer procedure to the industry.  Cindi had stayed up to date on the newest tools and techniques and was will to share the information with her students

If you want to be knowledgeable in the basic to the latest industry information along with being confident in your instructor knowledge, Cindi Wentlandt is your professional instructor in the art of cosmetic tattooing

                                                                                                                         Victoria Phillips

I had my eyeliner done 3 years ago by someone else.  First it hurt like crazy, second the line was crooked and third it only lasted a year.  After talking to a friend of mine she said that Cindi had done her eyeliner 8 years ago and yeah the color was a little softer but there was a very good straight black eyeliner.  I had Cindi redo my eyeliner and what can I say?  Omg it did't hurt at all in fact it was more like a tickle. She had several shades of black for me to pick from and even explained how the different shades of black would age over time.  I had hardly any swelling and the line is a nice sharp line giving my eyes definition.  I couldn't be happier!

                                                                                                                                        Sue P.

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