The manual method along with microblading covers everything you need to know  for a fundamentals training as well as comes with a kit with everything to get you started.  We will cover things such as skin tones, equipment, pigments, anesthetics, needles, sterilization, how to perform a consultation, photos, record keeping, insurance, how to avoid making mistakes and you will perform eyeliner, brows, and a lip procedure in class on your own clients.  We walk you through the procedure as well a a touch up on your client. This manual method class is $5000.

The Apprentice Class is longer and covers everything from learning on several different types of machines and hand tools as well as how to microblade  the correct way. You will learn color theory, skin tones, anatomy of the skin, sterilization, and sanitation, how to perform the different procedures using different techniques.  There is a lot of one on one hands on training.  You will learn how to do powder brow, ombre brows as well microblade brows and how to use these different techniques together to create the most natural looking brows.  Eyeliner is one of the most requested procedures and we will teach you how to do a soft lash enhancement to a winged eyeliner.  The popularity of lips procedure is rapidly growing and once again we will show you how to create a natural lip or a more dramatic lip and even how to correct thin lips. This class includes your manual and kit containing machine, pigments, anesthetic, gloves tool, etc.... everything you need to get started along with on going support.  This class is $6500.

Microblading Class-  This class is 3 days long and only offered to technicians who have already completed a fundamentals class.  This class is for the tech looking to learn new techniques, or for someone who has difficulty understanding microblading and needs extra training.  You will also be able to try and compare microblading tools from different supply companies. You must already be states licensed and insured.  This class comes with your manual and a kit the provides all the tools you need to get you started.  This class will show you how to design, measure and draw on the perfect brow taking a guess work out of doing brows.  This class is $1500.

Please contact us at 262 202-8242 for future training dates or to set up a time to ask questions

Permanent Makeup Training

We currently offer 3 different training classes 

Where to train can be very confusing.  You aren't sure where to go or what questions to ask.  Here's a little information to keep in mind.

Each state has it's own rules and licensing regulations.  You need to check the laws of the state you will be working in to comply with their laws.  We often see people crossing state lines teaching or even coming in from other countries, they charge premium prices for the training and then leave.  Some times leaving the students in a position that they can't get licensed. This training is generally only 2-5 days long and very incomplete.  

With these very short 2-5 day training class you will find that there is a lot of information left out, little to no hands on training, and you might not be able to get licensed.  Chances are slim that you will be able to find anyone willing to offer liability insurance and taking future classes will be hard as most organizations and ethical trainers will require that you take a more in depth fundamental training. In fact most insurance companies require your fundamental training be a minimum of 100 hours, that your trainer is licensed and insured. 

We have been located in Wisconsin for over 25 years.   If you have questions after your training it's very  easy to contact us and we are more then happy to help you.  Cindi our trainer has been performing permanent makeup for over 25 years and teaching for more then 18 years, as well as microblading for the past 7 years.  She sat on the advisory board that helps to write the state laws in Wisconsin and has helped train the health inspectors on what to look for when inspecting permanent makeup artist and their locations.

One of the first questions people ask is "How much money will I make?"  This can be a hard question to answer because it really depends on what your training has been and how much you want to work.  However this is a chart that might help give you some insights .

2 procedures a week at $250. = $24,000. a year                    4 procedures a week at $250. = $48,000. a year

2 procedures a week at $400.= $38,400. a year                     4 procedures a week at $400. =  $76,800 a year 

2 procedures a week at $500. = $48000. a year                     4 procedures a week at $500. = $96,000 a year