Massage Therapy delivers stress relieving, body revitalizing components. A variety of different techniques to fit your specific care are available. Massage is very beneficial for allergies, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic and temporary pain, circulatory problems, depression, headaches, insomnia, reduced range of motion, sinusitis, sports injuries, stress and TMJ.

Swedish Massage

Also called relaxation massage. Massage lotion or oil is used in a gentle and rhythmic technique to help calm your mind and body. This is a full body treatment that involves the face, neck, shoulders, arms, legs and back. It is good for relieving every day stress and general aches and pains.

Sports massage

It assists in the prevention and treatment of sports injuries and in recovery from activity. Sports massage is designed to work on the specific muscle groups used in your particular sport and can assist in improving blood flow, increasing flexibility and range of motion and relieving muscle pain from intensive or repeated activity. Sports massage can also be used after an event to flush out the muscles and reduce recovery time.

Deep Tissue massage

It utilises techniques of firm, slow strokes to reach down into the deeper layers of muscle and tissue. The pressure used in a deep tissue massage is much firmer than a relaxation massage and can help to work out knots and tension in the muscle, while also stimulating circulation and assisting with flushing out toxins.


Massage (60 min) Relaxation - $85.00

Massage (90 min) Relaxation - $115.00

Therapeutic (60 min) - $85.00

Therapeutic (90 min) - $115.00

Hot Stone - $125

Reiki - $75