At Skin Deep SPA Brookfield, Wisconsin, we use high-quality hot and strip waxes for exceptional hair removal, with single-use applicators and absolutely NO double dipping. Our waxing includes only high quality waxing creams to freshen up prior to service, and pre and post waxing lotions to protect skin. Top notch waxing lotions range will soothe and conceal any redness after facial waxing, which your therapist will be more than happy to assist with.

Waxing price range of $15 to $65

Good waxing results depend partly on what you do before, after, and between waxing appointments.

We go an extra mile when it comes to Waxing Hygiene compared to other Waxing Salons and SPAs in Wisconsin

We take waxing hygiene more seriously than others because it can result in skin infections and other problems. Unfortunately, some SPAs may cut corners when it comes to waxing hygiene. In waxing procedure ‘double dipping’ (putting the spatula back into the wax once the wax is applied to the skin) should always be avoided. Once the spatula touches skin, dipping it back into the wax can potentially transfer bacteria, viruses, fungus, bodily fluids and dead skin cells from the body, back into to the wax pot, to then be applied on other clients.


When you walk into a wax room at Skin Deep SPA, Wisconsin, you enter a clean, fresh, sanitary environment and can relax knowing that your wax services are being provided with the highest level of hygiene and skill so you can enjoy the very best wax experience.

Waxing Prices in Wisconsin at Skin Deep SPA

Lip – $13
Brows – $15
Back& Shoulder $70
Cheeks – $25
Chin – $14
Full Leg – $65
Brow/Lip – $25
Brow Lip/Chin – $36
Bikini – $35